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  • Paulig<br>Coffee Plant

    Coffee Plant

    Borovleva (Russia)

    Food & Beverage

  • Aeroflot Headquarters

    Aeroflot Headquarters

    Moscow (Russia)


  • Russian Foreign Ministry

    Russian Foreign Ministry

    Ekaterinburg (Russia)

    Public & historical buildings

  • Città della Scienza – CORPOREA

    Città della Scienza – CORPOREA

    Naples (Italy)

    Museums & exhibition centres

  • Nuclear Power Station

    Nuclear Power Station

    Cernavodă (Rumania)

    Industrial processes

  • La Fenice

    La Fenice

    Venice (Italy)

    Cinemas & theatres

  • Bolshoi Theatre

    Bolshoi Theatre

    Moscow (Russia)

    Cinemas & theatres

  • Pepsi


    St.John’s, Newfoundland (Canada)

    Food & Beverage

  • Ex City Hall

    Ex City Hall

    Moscow (Russia)

    Public & historical buildings

  • Senate Palace

    Senate Palace

    Tashkent (Uzbekistan)

    Public & historical buildings

  • Santa Maria Refectory

    Santa Maria Refectory

    Milan (Italy)

    Public & historical buildings

  • Redhill Data Centre S140

    Redhill Data Centre S140

    Redhill (Great Britain)

    Data centres

  • Jever – Skillhalle

    Jever – Skillhalle

    Neuss (Germany)

    Sport & leisure facilities

  • Beverly Hilton Hotel

    Beverly Hilton Hotel

    Beverly Hills (USA)


  • Sochi Olympics Organizing Committee

    Sochi Olympics Organizing Committee

    Sochi (Russia)

    Sport & leisure facilities