System Solutions

The HVAC needs of modern infrastructures require more than the mere application of air conditioning products. What is required is a system solution, an intrinsic combination of multiple and varying machinery, ancillary components and control and monitoring devices which together operate in perfectly coordinated harmony to ensure the exact HVAC needs are met at all times and in conditions with varying performance needs and continuously changing conditions.

Aermec is ideally positioned to offer customers highly sophisticated system solutions which perfectly meet individual needs within an array of differing applications, thanks to a combination of competences and solutions which allow Aermec to offer a truly unique customer proposition:

  • A complete range of differing HVAC product solutions; Aermec can cover every product need required within the system.
  • A multitude of specific product configurations and accessories covering all individual needs.
  • The ability to offer bespoke personalised solutions.
  • In-house software programming, allowing customer specific control algorithms to be created.
  • A highly competent design team, including dedicated technical consultants, supporting the customer within the entire design process.
  • 55 years HVAC experience, including a high level of applications specific know-how.
  • Aermec’s renowned “integrated design” process, whereby all stakeholders within the project, including architects, designers, installers and end users, work together within a single project team to ensure all project objectives are closely matched.
  • Advanced software selection support tools, including Aermec’s sophisticated ACES system simulation software, allowing complete systems to be simulated in varying and realistic year round conditions.
  • Witness testing facilities, where the customer can verify the exact operation of the selected solution prior to installation on-site.

Creating an optimized system solution which closely matches the exact User needs requires a sophisticated project process combined with specific technical competences. Aermec offers this ability, ensuring that all customer requests, however complex, can be met, creating the individual solution which offers maximum benefit with minimal overall life cycle costs.