Brand Values

  • Respect for the environment

    Aermec is committed to continuous research towards the application of ecological refrigerants, integrated system solutions aimed at minimizing carbon footprints and extensive use of water as the carrier fluid thus reducing refrigerant usage. Within its own company Aermec strives towards ecological practices and processes, as backed by ISO14001 certification. Environmental well-being must also aim to save energy: Aermec offers advanced control algorithms, with system solutions designed to make maximum use of renewable energies whilst reducing both energy consumptions and CO2 emissions.

  • Safeguarding health

    Sophisticated air filtration technologies, including Plasmacluster purification, eliminate viruses and bacteria, offering a pure and healthy ambient. Aermec heat recovery technologies allow continuous air renewal and purification, recovering up to 90% of the heat within energy efficient solutions. Noise pollution affects the nervous system and disturbs relaxation and peaceful sleep; Aermec products are characterised by low noise emissions, tested and optimised using the most modern development technologies. Human safety is a clear commitment within Aermec: towards the public as well as professional installation and service personnel utilising its equipment.

  • Human wellbeing

    Accurate temperature control with minimal deviations improves human comfort and health. Advanced Aermec control algorithms allow overall room conditions to be optimised and coordinated, including temperature, air quality, air renewal and air distribution. Advanced product solutions including the unique Dualjet fan coil are the result of sophisticated design processes and testing facilities, as exemplified by Aermec’s Real Room test labs measuring room comfort and temperature diffusion.

  • Quality

    Customer expectations are met and exceeded at all times, with advanced and meticulous performance and quality testing of each single product exiting Aermec’s factories, sophisticated design solutions and the application of renowned suppliers. Meticulous manufacturing processes ensure that the quality process is continuous and detailed, applying continuous improvement programs in pursuit of ever higher levels of quality and customer satisfaction. Numerous certifications, including ISO, cUL, CE, Eurovent, AHRI and more beyond, are the testimony as to Aermec’s quality.

  • Performance

    An uncompromised approach towards creating high performance products, backed by a focus on continuous improvement, ensures that the performance levels customers request and require are not only met but even exceeded, as developed within Aermec’s advanced R&D performance testing facilities. The true focus, however, always remains that of treating each project as single and unique, to achieve the highest performance for each and every single application.

  • Customer Care

    At Aermec achieving excellent customer satisfaction translates to listening to customer needs at all times and responding to these needs quickly and accurately. Aermec remains close to the customer during the entire project life cycle, offering an array of services according to the specific project phase, from initial auditing right through to maintenance of entire systems, and above all making it easy and pleasurable for customers to work together with Aermec.