Trainings & Seminars

A mission which historically identifies Aermec is contributing to the cultural development of the world of air conditioning, both by divulging technical and scientific issues and by means of numerous and continuous training sessions and seminars.

Within this context of continuous updating and training Aermec has, since the 1970’s, implemented a sophisticated programme of specific training courses within its facilities. Aimed at design engineers, architects, installers, service technicians and students, Aermec’s trainings have already been attended by over 25.000 participants.

As of 2015 Aermec has invested in a newly constructed dedicated training centre, sized to accommodate hundreds of participants at a time and equipped with the most modern training and presentation tools currently available.

Aermec furthermore periodically organises dedicated seminars for all HVAC specialists, also availing itself of internationally renowned external consultants and university professors; these seminars are organized both in Italy and abroad.

A further opportunity to support HVAC professionals is represented by Masterclima, available free of charge; this software covers both local industry regulations and system design criteria.

A valuable opportunity for technical advancement and the divulgation of new methodologies is thus promoted in collaboration with a company that believes in the value of teamwork and human development.

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