Research & Development

The high level of innovation and forward thinking technological solutions which distinguish Aermec products derive from its constant commitment to research.

Aermec applies highly advanced technologies, implementing a continuous product development cycle in pursuit of ever increasing energy efficiencies, renewables integration and the lowest cost of ownership.

Beyond the internal R&D facilities, boosted by sophisticated development tools and state-of-the-art test facilities, Aermec closely collaborates with renowned universities and research institutions.

A total of 8 calorimetric chambers allow accurate testing of all product configurations, including tests in extreme temperature conditions (-15°C to 55°C). The labs include what is currently Europe’s largest air conditioning test facility with a maximum capacity of 2 MW, used to perform testing on chillers and heat pumps up to 1500 kW choosen by Eurovent for the certification.

Aermec furthermore possesses a ventilation tunnel allowing air flow measurements, enthalpic tunnels for thermal transfer analyses and a unique "real room" which simulates real ambients, allowing comfort level analyses and the development of innovative thermal control algorithms. Aermec’s semi-anechoic chamber, with robotic remote noise measurement control, allows sound power and sound pressure level measurements and sound intensity mapping.

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