The Aermec story initiates with Ettore Riello. Born in 1868, he emigrated to Brazil when in his early twenties.
On returning to Italy he set up Officine Fratelli Riello, a manufacturing company, in 1922. In 1923 he developed his first oil burner for heating applications, marking the entrance into temperature control.
In the late 1950’s the company, since renamed Riello Bruciatori, identified a need to implement seasonal stability within its manufacturing process. Giordano Riello, Ettore’s grandson, identified the ideal if somewhat ambitious solution, the manufacture of air conditioning equipment.
Giordano Riello manufactured his first air conditioner in 1961, creating the Aermec brand in 1963. Consequently Aermec can be considered one of the first, if not the very first, air conditioning manufacturer in Europe.
From here the first to build split units in Europe, the move towards fan coils where Aermec is a world leader, continuous expansion adding the complete portfolio of differing air conditioning product solutions, an ever growing level of internationalization and the creation of Giordano Riello International Group, the group of companies of which Aermec is a part.

  • 1961Giordano Riello founds Riello Condizionatori.
  • 1963The Aermec brand is born, paving the process towards a new sales network in Italy and abroad.
  • 1970The first window unit makes its debut.
  • 1972Aermec introduces Europe’s first air conditioner in two sections, the forerunner of the split system.
  • 1976Small liquid chillers are added to the Aermec range.
  • 1978Fan coil manufacturing initiates.
  • 1980Liquid chiller production expands to include medium size ranges.
  • 1985Aermec marks the entrance into air handling unit manufacturing.
  • 1990Aermec migrates towards ever larger liquid chillers, continuously evolving the product range to beyond 2MW cooling capacity.
  • 1998The brand becomes the company, which changes its name to Aermec S.p.A.
  • 2002Aermec launches OMNIA, a new fan coil generation, developed in collaboration with renowned designer Giugiaro.
  • 2003Aermec enters the North American market.
  • 2004Aermec revolutionises fan coil manufacturing: flexible robotics and advanced logistics ensure high productivity, elevated quality and rapid lead times.
  • 2004The production philosophy is revolutionized with the introduction of lean manufacturing processes.
  • 2006Aermec consolidates its system solutions philosophy: the move from products to individual solutions tailored to customer needs.
  • 2010Aermec launches VMF (Variable Multi Flow), a new interpretation in control, comfort and energy savings which perfectly integrates all the single components into an optimized system solution.
  • 2011Aermec celebrates its 50th anniversary.
  • 2015Aermec inaugurates what is currently Europe’s largest test chamber, accommodating units of up to 2MW capacity, used to perform testing on chillers and heat pumps up to 1500kW choosen by Eurovent for the certification.
  • 2017Aermec receives Innovation Award from the US Organizations ASHRAE, AHRI and AHR. Aermec receives "Prime Company" certificate for the economic strength and commercial reliability from the international rating company Dun & Bradstreet.
  • 2018Aermec awards first prize in “RAC Cooling Industry Award 2018” in London by an Internationally qualified Jury. 2019 Sales force Business plan takes place for the first time at the new Centre of Research “Raffaello Riello”.
  • 2019Aermec receives the prizes: “NATIONAL ACR & HEAT PUMPS AWARDS 2019” in the category of Data Centre Rooftop Chiller installation, “H&V News Awards 2019” attributed by a HVAC technical jury the United Kingdom.
  • 2020For the second year in a row, Aermec receives the prize ACR NEWS AWARDS for Data Centers category in the UK.
  • 2021Aermec is celebrating its 60th birthday.This year, sadly distinguished by Covid-19 pandemic, corresponds to the 60th birth anniversaries of Aermec. The Company has decided to remember this event by opening a vaccination hub not only for his employees but also for all the local population.
  • 2022Aermec breaks through the barrier of 300 million turnover.

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