Aermec Application know-how

To truly resolve a customer need one must understand the application. No two air conditioning projects are ever alike, and the principal difference lies within the specific application requirements within which they operate.

Throughout its 55 year history Aermec’s expert design Engineers have accumulated a highly specific applications know-how, creating true system solutions to perfectly solve individual customer needs within a varying range of differing contexts. The numerous specific applications in which Aermec offers knowledgeable support cover residential complexes, commercial activities, data centres, public spaces and industrial contexts. Aermec supplies the optimized solution to the challenge in hand for applications as diverse as houses, skyscrapers, manufacturing processes, hotels, sports complexes and famous public buildings, to name just a few. Find your specific application and discover how Aermec can offer you the ideal solution to your air conditioning needs.

  • Residential

    Air conditioning systems for residential use must be designed to satisfy the comfort requirements of all those who utilise it, in accordance with their specific lifestyle and habits.

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  • Commercial

    Buildings intended for commercial use absorb a significant share of the overall energy utilised within buildings overall, this due to the major impact the commercial sector exercises on economic activities, the high performance requirements associated with these buildings and the many activities that take place within them.

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  • Data centres

    Data centres and technological environments represent critical applications, largely due to the fact that the equipment design for these installations must meet a number of very specific criteria.

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  • Public spaces

    Buildings intended for public use feature highly defined characteristic elements, both in terms of architecture and construction and the needs of their users. Depending on the particular activity for which the space is intended, the thermo-hygrometric, noise and air quality requirements can differ quite notably.

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  • Industrial

    Industrial settings consist of a combination of facilities, machinery and services designed to exploit energy resources enabling activities as diverse as the handling of goods and the transformation of raw materials or derivatives into finished products.

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  • Food industry

    The food industry encompasses all production activities, from initial harvesting all the way to distribution, implemented to process and preserve food products.

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