Sales & Service Network

Aermec has established itself on a worldwide scale and today can count, alongside 59 Sales Agencies and 78 Technical Service Centres in Italy, over 70 exclusive international Distributors covering every single continent and 6 Sales Companies in France, Germany, Poland, Russia, the United Kingdom and South America.

To ensure full customer satisfaction the product quality is closely linked to the selection of the most suitable system solution for the specific need. For this reason Aermec, in the consultancy phase, acts as the partner of designers and installers in order to collaborate and assist in the optimal solution from a technological and functional perspective. This “integrated design” philosophy envisages close cooperation between architect and system designer from the very outset of a building’s conception, a methodology all the more necessary the more complex the project, which must involve multiple players, according to the team concept in which every member interacts and collaborates respecting their role and that of the other project professionals.

This process is made all the easier by Aermec’s profound technical competence as well as an intrinsic specific know-how regarding single customer applications. With such a wide range of Aermec products to choose from this ensures that every customer requirement is not only fully understood but also perfectly met.

Aermec’s sophisticated ACES simulation software maps and simulates the operation of complex systems within real operating conditions, guiding customers to the optimum and most energy efficient system solution.

Furthermore dedicated customer witness testing facilities allow performance verifications at project specific conditions inside Aermec’s advanced laboratories.

Each Aermec solution, in both the pre and after-sales phase, is followed throughout its entire life cycle by a capillary support organisation that ensures its optimal functioning over time, with a particular focus towards fully satisfying the customer’s needs and expectations and ensuring minimal energy consumptions during its entire working life.

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