Values & Ethics

Experience, ideas and innovative solutions, the competence and flexibility to respond to the market requirements for a well-being which protects the environment, respecting the very precise values on which Giordano Riello based his mind-set since 1961, when he founded Aermec. Respecting these values, which are the ethical values of a Brand, is the key to the international success of Aermec. When designing and manufacturing its products and system solutions, Aermec places its focus on every detail in order to respect the environment, reduce pollution, save energy, safeguard health and improve well-being.

Aermec recognizes the specific value of its people, and places high priority in protecting and elevating their wellbeing. Aermec’s working environment favours teamwork and the desire for personal and professional growth.

In line with its global presence, Aermec respects and values the differing cultures and habits represented by a worldwide population, whilst never forgetting its debt towards its local territory, which has offered it the support and resources in its successful growth.

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