Quality & Certifications

Aermec has addressed the challenge of global competition with determination, focusing on innovation in all its aspects. Not just technological innovation and advanced research but also process innovation: starting from the highly automated integrated factory all the way to the adoption of the most sophisticated logistics management techniques, in full collaboration with suppliers; from the rationalisation of delivery times to the adoption of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems providing full traceability of products and components. All this ensures that the customer receives the quality and services that make Aermec an undisputed industry leader.

Product quality is measured by the satisfaction of customer needs and expectations and is achieved through coherent projects, optimal selection of materials and innovative production processes. The “Aermec quality” philosophy defines that the product, starting from the conception of the idea, must be the result of careful analysis based not only on the real needs and expectations of the customer but also those of the intermediaries involved (designers, installers, service engineers). This ambitious objective relies on teamwork, integration of skills and the collaborative spirit that contributes to the formation of the “Aermec family”, in which everyone works towards both the development of the final product solution and the pre and post-sales technical support services, thus contributing to a precise and strong company identity.

Aermec quality is fully certified: since 1993 by ISO 9001, the company quality certificate; and since 2013 by ISO 14001, which certifies the company’s environmental management process.

Aermec’s certifications cater for a worldwide audience, confirming the quality for which Aermec is renowned.
Below all certifications for performances and quality to which Aermec participates.

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