On 30 May 2022, Giordano Riello – along with Foreign Sales Director Luigi Rossettini, area manager Federico Fontana and Carlo Van Wyk director of Aermec distributor Aersa – visited the Quoin Rock Wine Estate and Spier Wine Estate in South Africa, accompanied by Ms. Seugnét, AERSA wine ambassador, and wine experts Pieter Coetzee and Anthony Kock.

With both wineries, the purpose of the visit was to inspect Aermec’s V-block NRB units installed in place of those previously used, which had become obsolete.
The two sites are both in Stellenbosch, in the Cape Winelands district which is the main wine-producing area of South Africa. The wine industry is one of the leading business sectors in this country: it produces over a billion litres of wine per year, placing South Africa firmly in the list of the Top Ten wine-producing countries.
Quoin Rock Wine Estate is a long-established winery managed by the Gaiduk family. Alongside the cultivation of the typical red grapes of Stellenbosch (such as Merlot, Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon), some of the Quoin Rock vines are white varieties like Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay.

Spier Wine Estate, purchased by the current owners in 1993, is one of the oldest wineries of South Africa, dating back more than 300 years. Its focus on sustainability and biodiversity has earned it numerous awards, including the Amorim Biodiversity Award at the Drinks Business Green Awards 2019.
The choice of the two units was defined by the different needs linked to the technological wine-making process of the two wineries.

For Spier Wine Farm, the high-efficiency version of the NRB1800 multiscroll chiller was chosen to guarantee temperature control throughout the whole production process, from maintaining the product fermentation temperature through to the ageing phase in the elegant wine barrel cellar.

At Quoin Rock Wine Estate on the other hand, the NRB1000°°00ZZ unit was the best option: a chiller with 4 scroll compressors on two independent cooling circuits that can supply 270 kW in nominal conditions. Thanks to the NRB1000 chiller, an optimum temperature value is maintained in both the vinification area and the barrique cellar – a fundamental condition for ensuring the high qualitative standard of the wines produced.

Aersa had been brought in for assistance and, after establishing the need to replace the old units straight away, immediately contacted Aermec’s Italian HQ to have the two NRB chillers sent over as quickly as possible. To meet the immediate needs of the wineries however, Aersa installed two hire chillers as a temporary measure. Then, once the new ones arrived, its skilled technicians were able to complete the final installation and get them up and running.

The visit, highly appreciated by Giordano Riello and the Aermec managers, wound up with a wine-tasting session on the terrace of Quoin Rock Wine Estate, from where they could admire the view of the vineyards spread out below them.

The Aermec for Wine division plays a leading role in the wine-making field at worldwide level: Renowned companies of this sector, and many of the most famous wineries all over the world, choose Aermec’s innovative solutions to meet the needs of a modern process.

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