The MCE 2020 Expo in Milan has been cancelled

The MCE – MOSTRA CONVEGNO EXPOCOMFORT 2020 expo originally scheduled to take place from March 17 to 20 and then postponed to September has now been definitively cancelled in accordance with measures to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

Of course, this postponement will have no effect whatsoever on the constant and continuous renewal of the Aermec range: the innovations that were to be presented during the fair in March will respect the planning and will be available on the market in the timescales already defined.

These are just some of the most significant new innovative Aermec products and features developed for the different sectors of the HVAC market, with particular focus on solutions for saving energy and caring for the environment:

  • The FCZ-H fan coil with photocatalytic germicidal lamp for sanitising indoor spaces;
  • The air-water heat pumps with inverter (NRGI range) designed with R32 ecological fluid;
  • The addition of new models to extend the range of multifunction units up to 1000 kW in V-Block configuration;
  • The WWB (booster) water-water heat pump for the production of hot and very hot water;
  • The innovative CPS plug-and-play system for the production of chilled water and of medium temperature and hot water with heat recovery;
  • The new 3WP versions of the NRP multifunction units for use in 3-pipe heat recovery hydronic air conditioning systems;
  • The air-water chillers (TBG range) with Turbocor compressors and R1234ze ecological fluid;
  • The split air-water heat pumps with inverter (BHP range) for the residential sector, with R32 ecological fluid;
  • The FCY fan coil for air conditioning and heating in ducted systems;
  • The 130 mm thick Omnia Slim fan coil designed for residential applications;
  • The FCWI wall fan coil with inverter;
  • The active chilled beams of the EHT range;
  • The MVAM_HR VRF system with heat recovery, which heats and cools simultaneously;
  • The new SMG series of very high efficiency split air conditioners with environmentally friendly R32 fluid.

Discover the new products in our constantly evolving innovative range.