Rovereto’s Mechatronics Complex: a strategic alliance

Nplus, a group company within Giordano Riello Group International (GRIG), which also includes Aermec, has activated, within the Mechatronics Complex in Rovereto (Trentino, Italy), a center for the production of electronic components for air conditioners and LED lighting.
This represents the ingress Group’s in Trentino and adds to its existing eight production facilities and 1,600 employees. The project foresees research and development, design, prototyping and manufacturing, with an investment of 300.000 Euro. Advanced new electronic components for Aermec air conditioning equipment will also be developed and manufactured within the Rovereto facilities.
Nplus will operate within a 850 square meter facility within the Mechatronics Complex, renowned as the “Industry 4.0” incubator within Trentino Development. The investment will furthermore open the door to important collaborations with other local supply chain companies, as well as with the University of Trento and cutting-edge research centers within the field of Mechatronics.
The investment in the Rovereto facilities represents a further advancement for the GRIG towards sophisticated componentry aimed at solutions targeted to the green economy.