Product Selection

Aermec provides the following softwares as support tools in the selection of the solution best suited to the specific needs
  • Magellano

    An integrated solution for searching and selecting products, as well as for reading the related documents.
    Magellano has been designed to guide users through the selection of air conditioning units. The program allows professionals working in the heating and plant engineering sector to verify the operating conditions of any particular model or to search for the most suitable units based on customisable parameters.
    For each selection, search criteria can be narrowed by entering additional information, such as general data, sound performance, electrical and dimensional data, but also custom specifications.
    The program also allows users to browse a wide range of documents: product sheets, technical manuals, user and installation manuals, manuals for accessories and declarations of conformity.

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  • VRF Selection

    This program allows industry professionals to easily design variable refrigerant flow (VRF) systems. The program provides a wizard that guides users through the selection of the most appropriate equipment. Each component of the system can be determined by the designer or selected automatically using a number of selection parameters (required power, etc.).

  • VMF Designer

    VMF Designer is a user-friendly solution for creating the optimised architecture of the regulation and control system for hydronic systems. The intuitive software interface lets you select the main components/service of the system: heat pumps; auxiliary generator; hydronic terminals; DHW management; circulating pumps; heat recovery units; external supervision.
    From the resulting layout, VMF Designer automatically generates an electric connection diagram and the list of the necessary VMF components.

  • AerDistribution

    This program can be used for designing complete air recovery systems using a RePuro heat recovery unit. The program provides a wizard for creating and checking any air processing and distribution networks connected to a heat recovery unit. Each component of the system can be determined by the designer or selected automatically using a number of selection parameters.

  • Split Selection

    This feature allows you to select the most suitable conditioning unit for your home or room from Aermec’s catalogue of Split and Multi-Split air conditioners.
    A user-friendly wizard will guide users through the calculation of the thermal power requirements of a given room and the identification of the most suitable unit.
    You may also see the technical and performance data sheet of the selected air conditioner.
    A version for iOS tablets is also available, the characteristics of which are described on the software applications page.

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