Premio IN/Architettura Piemonte 2020

For many years now, Aermec has adopted the philosophies of Integrated Building-System Design – in other words, the series of virtuous practices involving collaboration between the architect and the heating engineer right from the very first design stages.

As one of the various initiatives aimed at spreading this philosophy, Aermec has been editing the technical journal Spazio&Clima (now at edition number 37) for more than ten years.

Spazio&Clima takes a specific project – whether already completed or still in progress – as its theme for every edition, focusing primarily on the collaboration between the two design figures – the architect and the heating engineer.

Number 29 (in July 2017) was dedicated to the Integrated Design of the Residential Care Home of the Municipality of Druento (Turin), whose designers were Studio De Ferrari Architetti and Studio PRODIM for the architectural and the plant engineering sides respectively. Aermec was involved in the HVAC project with its heat pumps, air treatment units and fan coils.

To our great satisfaction, we have just found out that Studio De Ferrari Architetti and Studio PRODIM have been selected by Istituto Nazionale di Architettura and ANCE (the National Association of Building Contractors) for the IN/Architettura Piemonte 2020 award for this project.

Of course, we at Aermec would like to offer our heartfelt congratulations to the designers of Studio De Ferrari Architetti and Studio PRODIM for this important accolade.