MCE “Circular Economy Event” conference news proposal

The “Circular Economy Event” conference, organised by MCE, was held online on 19 October 2021.

The circular economy aims to reduce the consumption of raw materials and resources used in the production cycle by regenerating and recirculating material previously used in products or associated with them (such as packaging material, for instance), with a greater focus on end-of-life management.

Aermec has always been at the forefront of environmental protection and sustainability and was one of the three Diamond Partners of the initiative together with General Gas and Samsung.

For Aermec, the circular economy is the natural continuation of a promise that began some ten years ago with the ISO14001 environmental certification.

Social commitment and ethical motivation have bolstered the conviction of Aermec to continue along this way of paramount importance for ensuring our well-being and, more importantly, that of the future generations.

Aermec is has been implementing this initiative with actions aimed at reusing packaging materials for transport also involving suppliers, regenerating spare parts for installed units and recovering end-of-life refrigerant sending it to companies equipped to regenerate it and ensure that the residue is disposed of properly.