Aermec’s new eco-sustainable technologies welcomed with interest at the Guangdong Chambers of Commerce

Across the world, China is now the country that has the biggest impact on CO2 emissions (almost 30% of global emissions – double that of the USA).

In Paris in December 2015 however, China undertook to reach the peak of its emissions by 2030 and, in the meantime, to reduce the amount of energy needed to produce one unit of wealth by 60-65%. It also promised to raise the proportion of renewable energy sources to at least 20% of the total (the country is already the first in the world in terms of capacity used).

On this new “eco-sustainable” road, the Republic of China is looking towards the most virtuous examples around the globe.
That’s why Aermec was invited by the Chambers of Commerce of the rich province of Guangdong, to hold two conferences (in Guangzhou and Shenzen) – something that, as an Italian company, gives us great pride.

Both conferences focused on the theme of the new eco-sustainable technologies in the air-conditioning field (“HVAC-Eco Trend”).

Aermec presented the technological innovations that have made its machines some of the most efficient and therefore the most ecological in the whole of Europe. A large audience of specialised operators appreciated in particular the various actions that Aermec has set up to make the HVAC sector ever more environmentally friendly.