AERMEC NCD units now also have a dedicated line that has obtained the certification of compliance with the German standard VDI 6022 (Hygienic requirements for ventilation and air conditioning units).

In addition to the standard NCDs, Aermec can in fact also offer a series of air treatment units that meet the stringent requirements of this standard.

Compliance with the technical guidelines of VDI 6022 means that the sizing of the units, the materials used, the components installed, the construction choices and, more generally, the whole production process are such as to facilitate their cleaning, reduce microbial proliferation to the internal parts and ensure good resistance to detergents and disinfectants used during maintenance operations.

Some of the main features of this certified series include: the access sections to all the components to allow easy inspection, the panels and the draining tanks to allow rapid evacuation of the water even during the sanitisation phases.

The certification process was carried out by Eurocertifications Srl, Italian partner of TÜV Hessen.

Download the certificate.