12th May saw the opening of the new “Raffaello Riello” Research Centre at the AERMEC headquarters.

The ceremony was attended by Aermec founder Giordano Riello, CEO Alessandro Riello and Vice President Raffaella Riello, and the managers of Giordano Riello International Group and the new group of Aermec researchers.

Guest of honour at the opening of the new structure, professor Federico Faggin, world-renowned physicist and famous inventor who developed the first micro-processor and touch-screen technology.

During the ceremony and the meeting held afterwards in the auditorium of the “Raffaello Riello” Research Centre, Giordano Riello and Federico Faggin emphasised the importance of continuous research that looks beyond the daily horizon towards not only the evaluation of new technologies and new ways of resolving problems, but is also able to face the latest global challenges, especially those regarding energy and its environmental impact.

Professor Faggin went on to talk about intriguing topics such as the self-learning of machines and the assessment of the differences that distinguish artificial intelligence from human conscience.

Due to extraordinary maintenance, the Aermec servers will not be reachable on 2 and 3 January 2023.

Therefore, the sites will not be viewable and the selection programs will not be able to update.