The governor of veneto Luca Zaia goes and visits Aermec

Luca Zaia, Governor of Veneto and Elisa De Berti, Vice President of the Region, have visited the company.

They have been received by the Founder of Aermec Giordano Riello, his offspring Alessandro and Raffaella and his nephews Giordano and Lorenzo.

During the meeting Giordano Riello and his family were keen to stress their style “to do business” and the core values they draw inspiration from.

Alessandro Riello has emphasized that being entrepreneurs does not merely mean to take care of economic aspects which affect the company, but it is also necessary to enhance its social goals.

“We feel” has underlined Riello “deeply rooted to our territory and have a sense of gratitude for all the people who gave us the possibility to start, grow and reach the goals we have achieved”.

After the meeting, Governor Zaia and Vice President De Berti have been guided in a visit to the production plants and R&D area of the company showing their sincere interest and appreciation.

Upon the conclusion of their visit, Governor Zaia made a gift of Veneto Region flag to the Founder President.