Fourth Generation Refrigerants

The current European regulations are revolutionising the world of refrigerants and imposing increasingly strict restraints with regards the efficiency of heat pumps and chillers.

This is a period of change, in which manufacturers of air-conditioning products and heat technology professionals are called upon to make delicate design choices with an eye to eco-compatibility.

These are precisely the aspects that have driven Aermec to organise technical seminars at national level with the participation of emeritus professor Alberto Cavallini of the Department of Technical Physics at the University of Padova.

On Wednesday 30th May 2018, the meeting entitled “Fourth Generation Refrigerants” was held in Perugia, with Professor Cavallini offering an interesting overview of the refrigerant fluids used in the past and clarifying the dynamics that led to the use of new refrigerant gases. The meeting ended with significant conclusions and considerations that will guide heat technology design in the coming years.

A large number of professionals from the area attended, showing the same interest already witnessed during the meetings already held in Rome and Pescara.

Apart from Professor Cavallini’s presentation, the Aermec Technical and Commercial Service also spoke about the ErP European Regulations scenario relating to chillers and hydronic heat pumps, with the energy restrictions that will lead Aermec to create products offering increasing performance levels and ever greater respect for the environment.