Exhibition “Giulio Romano: Arte e Desiderio”

Aermec is the technical sponsor of the Palazzo Te Foundation,
for the exhibition “Giulio Romano: arte e desiderio”

Mantua, 6 October 2019 – 6 January 2020

Palazzo Te, the sumptuous sixteenth century residence of Federico II Gonzaga, Duke of Mantua, is celebrating the genius of Giulio Romano with the exhibition: “Giulio Romano: arte e desiderio”.
The exhibit investigates the relationship between the erotic images of the classical world and the figurative inventions produced during the first half of the sixteenth century in Italy.

This exhibit, which is open until 6 January 2020, is an integral part of the program of exhibits and events for “Giulio Romano è Palazzo Te (Giulio Romano is Palazzo Te)” (September 2019 – June 2020).

As a technical sponsor, Aermec has the honour to support the event by offering its equipment, as well as the considerable responsibility, with its technical solutions, for maintaining the optical climatic conditions, which is a fundamental aspect for correctly conserving the inestimable works on exhibit, works coming from twenty Italian and foreign institutions, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art of New York, the Hermitage of San Petersburg, the Musée du Louvre of Paris, the British Museum of London, the Rijksmuseum of Amsterdam, Galleria Borghese of Rome, and the Uffizi Gallery and the Bargello Museum of Florence.

The optimal work carried out by the system designers, in combination with Aermec’s considerable experience in the area of Conservation of Cultural Heritage, provided the winning mix that effectively ensured the protection of the works of art.

In the exhibit area, Aermec installed its FCZI series inverter fan coils with 4-row cooling coils and considerable dehumidification power, the addition of a hot water post-heating coil and one with an electric resistor. To constantly guarantee optimal relative humidity, also an ultrasonic humidifier was inserted in the fan coil. The inverter motor ensures accurate control of the thermo-hygrometric parameters.

The Aermec ANKI series high efficiency inverter heat pump was installed to serve the system by supplying the chilled water and the hot water needed for the system to function perfectly, thereby not only protecting the works of art but also protecting the planet thanks to the high energy efficiency of its operation.