Ever higher for Aermec: now beyond 2,3MW

Aermec continues its progression towards ever higher refrigeration capacities.

The recently extended WF range, water-cooled reversible chillers featuring screw compressors and shell & tube evaporators, now offers cooling capacities up to 2331kW and heating capacities up to 2484kW.

This beats the previous maximum, held by the air-cooled NSM chiller, which offers cooling capacities beyond 2100kW.

And of course Aermec achieves these new limits in style: class A energy efficiency is combined with an ESEER as high as 6,50.

The configuration foresees 3 modulating compressors feeding a single evaporator, a configuration which ensures elevated partial load energy efficiencies. Both standard and high efficiency versions, also in silenced configuration, are available.

The first production unit built, the largest WF9613 model, has already left Aermec’s facilities destined for a -7°C liquid outlet temperature application in Norway.

Aermec’s commitment to ever higher performance levels is reinforced by its sophisticated testing facilities, including what is currently Europe’s largest test laboratories, a sophisticated €5m investment accommodating single units beyond 2MW capacity; this ensures these large units can be accurately tested and, if desired, witness tested.

The new WF models are a further addition in Aermec’s continuous progression towards ever larger system solutions on a global scale.