Aermec technical seminars

Aermec enjoys a long tradition in providing high profile technical seminars within the market

2015 has been no exception; given the significant success of the previous editions, Aermec again organized a series of dedicated seminars specifically for design engineers, featuring Alberto Cavallini, Professor at the University of Padova (Italy), universally recognized as one of the leading experts in the field of air conditioning.

The first venue was Bergamo (near Milano), where a large audience from all over northern Italy attended the seminar titled “The future scenario for refrigerants and energy efficiency in light of the new European Directives”.

This same theme, of notable importance and interest and extensively debated in all HVAC circles, was repeated at two further meetings covering the Italian territory, one in Rome and the other in Bari in the south; the attendance was again numerous and of a high caliber.

On all 3 occasions the meetings were integrated by an intense debate session with a significant level of discussion between the design engineers; numerous questions emerged to which Professor Cavallini ably shared his specific and knowledgeable opinions.

Aermec has always believed, from its very conception 55 years ago, in sharing know-how within the air conditioning market; these seminars are the testimony to this continuing dedication.

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