Aermec on show in Nice

Aermec, in collaboration with its established partner T.C.A. in Nice (France), opened its doors in a dedicated event to discuss air conditioning.

The Aermec Open Day, filling an entire hall at T.C.A.’s premises, was the perfect opportunity for customers and partners to feel and touch the Aermec products, evaluate advanced design solutions and generally relax in the company of T.C.A.’s expert support personnel.

Aermec presented various solutions covering hydronic, direct expansion and heat recovery technologies.

The multitude of products on display included: the new FCZ, Europe’s favorite fan coil; WMG, modular water-cooled chillers featuring refrigerant R1234ze and turbocor compressors; NLC heat pumps featuring plug fans for ducted installation; NRK heat pumps offering hot water up to 65°C and allowing operation down to ambient -20°C; RPF, the heat recovery solution with efficiencies beyond 90%.

The specific focus concerning user friendly system solutions included VMF (Variable Multi Flow), Aermec’s unique integrated control algorithm allowing the complete integration of a hydronic system into a single optimized solution.

The event attracted hundreds of participants including designers and installers, creating the ideal forum to present Aermec’s solutions aimed at environmentally sustainable air conditioning systems which meet exacting customer needs.