Aermec presents the brand-new Training Centre

Aermec’s commitment to training and knowledge sharing has, from the very birth of the company, represented a key commitment the company has pursued in the interests of the culture of the air conditioning industry, creating an indispensable development of expertise. This commitment will be pursued and developed also into the future.
In the early ’60s, Aermec was one of the first companies in Europe to manufacture and distribute air conditioning equipment. During this period, Aermec demonstrated a truly pioneering spirit, in a sector which was still in its infancy, particularly with regard to skills development. Aermec immediately set to work: first and foremost, it was essential to train employees, refrigeration technicians, service personnel and other skilled workers that constituted the Aermec family. It was also necessary to further extend and reinforce specialist technical and commercial knowledge, in order to build a competent sales network and a reliable, well-informed support network. Training activities aimed at Aermec’s employees and partners within the Sales and Service networks (salespeople, agents, after-sales technicians, hydronic installers, refrigeration technicians, welders etc.) has never ceased. On the contrary, this training has grown ever richer, extending to new areas such as green technology, information technology, communications and marketing – areas which have gradually evolved over time, and which continue to develop. But in order to create a synergistic culture for the sector, every single link in the chain must be involved; for this reason, Aermec immediately began to organise training opportunities for design engineers, who play an extremely important role in the air conditioning world. Thus, over the course of more than thirty years, several generations of air conditioning professionals have met in Aermec’s historic “Training Centre”.
Then came the turn of the architects: in the first few years of the new millennium, when the concept of the building-plant system was already beginning to take shape, with particular focus towards the energy efficiency of buildings. Numerous architects have already attended the various educational opportunities provided by Aermec.
In addition, students from national and international technical schools and universities have also attended specific Aermec seminars on thermodynamics and HVAC.
To date, a total of over 25,000 guests have passed through Aermec’s various training centres.
At this point, the opportunities have multiplied and the historic Training Centre has become somewhat cramped, and is no longer suited to the new demands of multimedia teaching.
For this reason, Aermec has decided to invest in a brand-new Training Centre. with three hundred seats in multimedia classrooms, a large, fully-equipped technical training room and an amphitheatre-style lecture theatre boasting one hundred and sixty seats currently being completed in order to celebrate the company’s promise for the future: to continue in its mission as an organisation dedicated to the diffusion of expertise and know-how.