AERMEC at the “GAM” in Turin

Wellbeing on display: Aermec air conditioning amongst the highlights at the Modern & Contemporary Art Gallery (GAM) in Turin (Italy).

From 4 May to 6 November 2016 the GAM houses the exhibition “Organisms. From Emile Gallé’s Art Nouveau to Bio-architecture”.

How better appreciate the exhibits on display than with a perfect climate, the sensation of being immersed within a wellbeing comparable to nature.

And this is where Aermec, a world leader in air conditioning solutions, has added its contribution.

In fact the hall dedicated to the works by the architect Mario Cucinella, a leading Italian Green Architecture exponent, features a “hidden” show piece, the revolutionary FCXI fan coils combined with Aermec’s heat pump technology. “Hidden” because, beyond their elegant subdued appearance, FCXI is the world’s quietest Eurovent certified fan coil.

What won’t be hidden is the air quality. The combination of electrostatic 3M filters, exclusive germicidal lamp technology and the patented Plasmacluster ionizer ensure air which is always fresh, clean, truly purified and extremely healthy. Air which has nothing to envy compared with that in the nearby Alpine peaks.

One can furthermore appreciate a perfect temperature, whatever the season. This thanks to Aermec’s heat pump solution supplying hot or chilled water according to the exact needs; and thanks to the fan coil’s 0-100% inverter control ensuring precise temperature control within the exhibition hall.

Enjoy this exhibition and its beautiful artefacts on display. And leave it to Aermec to render your visit even more pleasurable.

This sponsorship confirms Aermec’s commitment towards architecture and the search for an ever more eco-sustainable architecture.