Aermec d’Oro 2021 edition

On Friday 9 June 2023, the Aermec d’Oro 2021 was held at the Aermec Research Centre, the “Raffaello Riello” Auditorium.

Aermec d’Oro is an annual event, but this year’s edition was particularly heartfelt and engaging: in memory of the founding President Giordano Riello, a touching video was screened, telling the story of Aermec from its foundation to today, accompanied by the words of a moved President Alessandro Riello accompanied by Vice-President Raffaella Riello and ending with a heartfelt applause from all those present.

The ceremony then ended with the Aermec d’Oro prize-giving to the top three sales outlets, technical assistance services and foreign dealers that stood out in 2021 for their of performance, professionalism and helpfulness to customers.

The event continued in the beautiful location of the Castle of Bevilacqua (VR), with a gala dinner marked by conviviality.