Aermec will be taking part in the international tradefair Interclima to be held at Parc Des Exposition – Paris-Nord Villepinte in France from 5 to 8 November 2019.

Lots of new ideas will be presented for the first time at this international event:

  • the chillers and heat pumps designed with R32 gas: NRG air unit range;
  • the RTD heat recovery unit with thermodynamic recovery, with an inverter compressor ensuring high energy savings while at the same time guaranteeing a constant delivery temperature;
  • the new range of duct type fan coils, designed to combine maximum versatility and compactness. This is in fact a range of duct type fan coils designed in particular for the service sector;
  • the all new EHT range represents Aermec’s first foray into the promising market of active chilled beams. Thanks to a study of air flows using CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) systems, the company has been able to optimise the nozzles that trigger induction – i.e. the recovery and subsequent return of air into the room where air-conditioning is required;
  • the Aermec project is based on a brand new concept, producing a considerable increase in the level of energy performance and comfort offered by this type of system;
  • the range extension up to 1000 kW for the NRP range, polyvalent 2 and 4 pipe air-water heat pumps;
  • the extremely high temperature water-water heat pumps of the WWB series;

and much more…

We look forward to seeing you at Stand 2-C60.