A great success and immense satisfaction for Aermec at the MCE – the international trade fair for the HVAC+R, renewable energy, energy efficiency and integrated plant engineering sectors.During the event, Aermec was awarded at the MCE EXCELLENCE AWARD 2024 – Efficiency & Innovation for Transition Goals for its FCYI Series – the monoblock duct type fan coil with Brushless motor. FCYI was evaluated by a special Technical Panel for its actual contribution to the ongoing energy and environmental transition process, in compliance with the UN Agenda 2030 (17 SDG) and the New European Green Deal.

Many field experts visited Aermec’s stand, and showed great interest for our products, in particular:

  • The new PRM and PRG heat pumps, powered with natural gas R290.
  • The multi-purpose NRP with eco-gas R32.
  • The Omnia fan coil, equipped with a digital device to accurately set the temperature, plus many other features.
  • The FCZ fan coil with „Ultrasonic Humidifier”, which can humidify ambient air to the desired level.
  • The RPS heat recovery unit, specifically designed to retrofit schools, stores, coffee shops, restaurants and public premises.
  • The NGW reversible water-water heat pump, with eco-refrigerant R32 with low environmental impact (GWP = 675).

We would like to thank all the people who visited our stand, and all of Aermec workers who helped us make this trade fair so successful!