The International Conference SZE 2019 took place from 31 March to 2 April 2019 in the prestigious Bernardine Hotel in Portroz, Slovenia, and was organized by the Slovenian Energy Association.

AERMEC participated as main sponsor, with the precious collaboration of its local distributor, Co. BOSSPLAST.

The conference, coordinated by SZE President Prof. Alojz Poredos, was focused on several technological innovation topics, particularly regarding efficiency in production, distribution and final use of energy.

Among the subjects discussed, just a few worth mentioning were: renewable energies, diversification of energy supply sources, cogeneration, heat recovery, district heating and cooling, energy-efficient air-conditioning, new refrigerants and building management systems.

The participants and speakers from several European Countries were numerous. On behalf of AERMEC, Prof. Alberto Cavallini, Emeritus Professor of the University of Padua, presented a report during the plenary lecture on the new refrigerants, followed by two presentations by AERMEC representatives Mr. Luigi Rossettini and Mr. Alessio Gattone, focused on seasonal energy efficiency of heat pumps and smart management of cooling/heating systems.