Oops! … Aermec did it again

It was the beginning of 2019 when Aermec won the ACR & HEAT PUMPS AWARD in the United Kingdom, which is an important recognition in the Data Center Roof top and Chiller installation category. The highly qualified HVAC Technical Jury selected Aermec as it distinguished itself most amongst its competitors for its successful machine-system combination in the Data Center sector.

So, we can say with great satisfaction that: Aermec did it again, winning also the award for 2020.

The award, for the second year in a row, will take the first flight from London to Verona and will further enhance the well-stocked Trophy Room, which is exhibited in the new InFo Centre (Training and Information Centre), at Aermec’s headquarters in Bevilacqua (VR).

Aermec was awarded for 2020 thanks to the technical contribution resulting from the success of the TELSTRA INTERNATIONAL-CITY REACH project, the powerful Data Center in the City of London – a nine-storey building with more than 10,000 sq.m of space and the capacity to house more than 1,800 IT racks.

Aermec has supplied the machines for cooling the entire Data Center: water – water chillers from the highly efficient WTX range with Turbocor technology, for a total of 4200 kW of installed chillers.

ACR & HEAT PUMPS AWARD 2020 is the reward for the non-stop and considerable investment made in research and development, to which Aermec has always been committed, and it is also a reward for the team work, professionalism and sense of belonging, which are all characteristics that distinguish our collaborators.

We at Aermec strongly believe that the research and development of new products represents the key to consolidating our success on an international level, which is being increasingly recognised…. and awarded!


Aermec’s WTX chillers have replaced the old obsolete American chillers that cooled the Data Center for about 20 years.

Before being put into service, the new Aermec chillers were tested in the presence of customer technicians in the extremely modern Test Chamber “C7”, at Aermec’s headquarters in Bevilacqua (Verona). The test results confirmed the promised energy efficiency values.

The increased efficiency of the new chillers, the economic savings for the customer, which will be about 200,000 GBP per year, are results about which the customer Telstra is truly very satisfied.

A result that, together with the measures taken by Aermec to facilitate installation in narrow technical spaces, has convinced the ACR & HEAT PUMPS AWARD jury.