NPG Series

The new series of multi-purpose air-to-water units with eco-friendly R32 gas

The multi-purpose heat pump, thanks to a special architecture of the cooling circuit and advanced regulation logic, is able to simultaneously meet different system requirements and independently modulate the power delivered on each of them. The ability to simultaneously satisfy the demand of the heating and cooling circuit, depending on the load proportion on the two circuits, derives from its ability to switch the operation of its cooling circuits between the various possible modes.

The new NPG multi-purpose heat pump series, designed by Aermec, meets the needs of 2- and 4-pipe systems and domestic hot water production, while contributing to environmental protection through the use of the eco-friendly R32 refrigerant gas with reduced GWP.


Green Business

NPG uses the eco-friendly refrigerant R32 characterised by a significantly lower GWP index than conventional refrigerant gases. Thanks to the adoption of a reduced diameter of the finned coil tubes combined with an optimisation of the cooling circuit components, the amount of refrigerant required can be significantly reduced. Furthermore, given the advantage of using a multi-purpose unit, combined with the optimised technology of the components, the NPG unit actively contributes to overall energy and CO2 emission savings.


More versions for more solutions

Available in 11 different power sizes, NPG was designed in high-efficiency and high-efficiency silenced versions for both 2-pipe and 4-pipe systems:
• the 2-pipe unit meets the demand for chilled or hot water production at the same time as the demand for domestic hot water;
• the 4-pipe unit meets the demand for simultaneous production of chilled and hot water.


The ideal choice

It is the ideal choice for all plant applications where the heating and cooling and/or DHW production demands are simultaneous and independent, such as hotels and accommodation facilities, shopping centres, multi-purpose buildings and, in some cases, industrial and process applications.


Uninterrupted operation

NPG is bi-circuited with tandem or trio compressor solutions, thus ensuring continuity of operation, in the event of maintenance, and optimising performance at both partial and nominal loads.


Precise design

NPG provides, as per standard, the electronic expansion valve for each circuit and the electronic condensation control, which bring a number of advantages:
• achieve faster power modulations, minimising machine temperature fluctuations (in accordance with the correct water content as indicated in the manual);
• reduce ventilation-related consumption in cooling mode by modulating the air flow rate and improving noise emissions.


Especially at night

Thanks to the Night Mode device, fitted as per standard, it is possible to set the silenced functioning profile, ideal for night hours, the time when greater acoustic comfort is required.


Simple and intuitive

The simple and intuitive touch screen keyboard allows you to navigate through the various screens, control NPG and system operation in real time, modify operating parameters, and manage alarms and their history.


Easy and immediate

The possibility of using only the NPG unit, for the simultaneous production of heating/cooling and DHW, makes it possible to avoid the operations of connection to the gas network, installation and commissioning of the boiler and consequent allocation of space to conventional heating units, thus facilitating installation operations.


At lower cost

The compressor technology combined with the optimised technology of the other components, primarily heat exchangers and thermostatic valves, ensure complete operational reliability, minimising maintenance costs for both new and existing systems.