Giordano Riello visited “Aermec-Novatherm Gmbh”

Giordano Riello, the founder of Aermec and the President of Giordano Riello International Group, visited “Aermec-Novatherm Gmbh” in Düsseldorf last Wednesday.

He was warmly welcomed by the General Manager of Aermec-Novatherm, Mr. Götz Heymann and all his staff.

Aermec-Novatherm is the distributor of Aermec products in more than half of the German Länder with a turnover of 12, 5 million Euros in 2017. The turnover is expected to grow up to 20 million Euros within 2020.

The German company is recognized for having a growing sales network, a highly professional technical sales support department and a qualified after sales service.

President Riello shown his satisfaction for the high level of the organization, for the enthusiasm of all employees, for the great results achieved and for the ambitious targets ahead.