Aermec will be taking part in the MCE international trade fair, which will run from 13 to 16 March 2018 in Milan (Italy).

Lots of new ideas will be presented for the first time at this international event:

  • chillers designed with HFO R1234ze gas: NSG air models and WMG water models;
  • water-water chillers with oil-free centrifugal compressors and flooded evaporator from the WTX range;
  • high temperature heat pumps from the WRK and WWB ranges;
  • modular water-water heat pumps from the WWM range;
  • the new range of fan coils FCZ-FCZI with their streamlined, elegant design, available in the Dualjet versions with controlled delivery to ensure an even temperature throughout the room, and FCZ_H with a germicidal lamp for air conditioning and heating in places with particular sterility requirements (hospitals, doctor’s clinics, veterinary clinics, analysis laboratories, pharmaceutical firms, etc.);
  • active chilled beams from the EHT range;
  • the innovative VRF system on the MVAM_HR heat recovery range, that heats and cools at the same time; It recovers heat produced during cooling mode and takes advantages of it heating up the space without any additional cost. It maximizes energy efficiency by reducing energy costs;
  • the RTD thermodynamic heat recovery unit;
  • a wide selection of Aermec system solutions for vine-growing, guaranteeing the specific temperature and humidity conditions needed in each individual area;

and much more…

Pre-registration and Pre-sale.

We look forward to seeing you at Fiera Milano (Rho).