WRL 026 ÷ 161

Opis Water-water chiller for indoor installation. Suitable for air-conditioning for small/medium services in residential and commercial buildings. With the addition of a desuperheater, domestic hot water can also be produced.

  • Wydajność chłodnicza: 7 ÷ 43.4 kW
  • R410A refrigerant
  • Cooling only
  • Scroll compressor
  • Plate exchanger
  • Heat recovery (Option)
  • Pump kit (Option)
  • Network operation (Option)
  • Compatible with ModBus protocol (Option)
  • Internet connection (Option)
  • For two pipes plants

WRL is a water-condensed chiller that works with R410a refrigerant. It's an indoor, single-circuit unit that's ideal for geothermal applications. Fitted with hermetic scroll compressors, heat exchangers (system side) and a plate source, it fully meets the needs of the residential market: reduced size, easy installation, low noise levels. Free hot water can also be produced in units with a desuperheater. An integrated hydronic kit can be fitted (both system side and source side), containing the main hydraulic components. Available in various configurations with low or high head pumps, inverter pumps, and a modulating valve to reduce consumption.