NSM Glycol-Free

Opis Glycol-free air/water chiller for outdoor installation. Suitable for air-conditioning for large-sized services in residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

  • Wydajność chłodnicza: 306 ÷ 2028 kW
  • Wydajność w trybie free cooling: 244 ÷ 1355 kW
  • R134a refrigerant
  • XP10 refrigerant (Option)
  • Free-Cooling
  • Twin screw compressor
  • Axial fan
  • Shell and tube exchanger
  • Pump kit (Option)
  • Lownoise version (Option)
  • Night mode
  • Network operation (Option)
  • Compatible with ModBus protocol (Option)
  • Internet connection (Option)
  • For two pipes plants

NSM_B is a water chiller fitted with a free water cooling system. This means the outdoor coil can be integrated with an additional water coil that exploits the low temperature of the outside air to cool the water returning from the system. Thanks to an intermediate plate heat exchanger, it's not necessary to add glycol to the water on the system side, but only to the water on the free-cooling coil side (hence the term "glycol-free"). The NSM B glycol-free units have 2 or 3 refrigerant circuits using R134a and one hydraulic circuit that, by means of a three-way valve, can activate the free-cooling water coil positioned in series with the shell and tube evaporator. The hydraulic circuit can be fitted with an accumulation tank. The machine is also fitted with axial fans and twin-screw compressors.