As of today, Aermec UK has the great honour of being a CIBSE Patron

CIBSE stands for Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers, and since 1976, the Association, which is based in London, has represented more than 20,000 professionals from the HVAC and sustainable building sectors.

It is an independent organisation exclusively dedicated to the dissemination of knowledge within the various areas in which it is engaged. CIBSE produces scientific publications, provides sponsorship for scholarships and organises conferences and cultural events.

In recent days, it has published an announcement that makes us particularly proud — as of today, Aermec UK is a «Patron» of CIBSE.

The «Patrons» of CIBSE are a group of companies that provide financial, technical and experience-based support to the Association.

Below is the link to the news article published on the website of Electrical Review, a historical British technical magazine (founded in 1872!).

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