Aermec will be taking part in the international ”MCE LIVE+DIGITAL” trade fair, scheduled for 8-16 April 2021.

It’s a very special event representing the urge to move forward despite the difficult times we’re going through.

The companies of the HVAC sector will be presenting their new products and technological innovations via the web, focusing on the future upturn.

Aermec has a whole host of new ideas on show:

  • the multi-purpose 6-pipe heat pumps of the CPS range;
  • the multi-purpose 3-pipe system of the 3WP range;
  • the chillers and heat pumps designed with R32 gas, of the NRG and NRGI ranges;
  • the air-water chillers with oil-free centrifuge compressors using R1234ze, of the TBG range;
  • the new FCY range of packed duct-type fan coils for Plug & Play installation;
  • the new OMNIA SLIM range of fan coils for the residential sector, with a reduced 130mm thickness;
  • the new FCZ-FCZI range of Dualjet version fan coils with controlled delivery, allowing an even temperature throughout the whole room;
  • the new FCZH-FCZIH range of fan coils with a sanitation system using UV lamps with a titanium dioxide catalyst (also active on the Sars-CoV-2 virus that has caused the Covid-19 pandemic);
  • the active chilled beams of the EHT range, for enhanced climatic and acoustic comfort;
  • the RTD thermodynamic heat recovery unit;

And many more product innovations that bear witness to Aermec’s continuing investment in research and innovation.

For all the fan coils there is the UV lamp sanitation system with a photocatalytic effect, that uses photocatalysis with ultraviolet irradiation to guarantee the inactivation of the viruses, mould, bacteria and other microrganisms found in the air.

The Aermec Sanitation System produces a significant reduction in the viral load and a consequent and notable reduction in the risk of contagion, also in relation to the Sars-CoV-2 virus responsible for the Covid-19 pandemic.

The effectiveness of the device has been demonstrated by tests performed at the Universities of Padua and Camerino. These tests ascertained the abatement of viruses not only in the treated air but also on the internal surfaces of the fan coil.