Aermec and Aersa celebrate 10 years of collaboration

Aersa, the exclusive Aermec distributor for South Africa, is celebrating this year its 10-year partnership with Aermec organizing two events, in Johannesburg and Cape Town.

At this important events Aersa has invited all professionals who contribute at this long and fruitful collaboration between Aermec and Aersa.
«THE BEST IS YET TO COME» was the leitmotif of the two evenings together with the scale reproduction of the AN0307A, the first Aermec chiller sold by Aersa.

It all started in 2007, when Mr. Carel Johannes came to Bevilacqua (VR) for the first time on a visit to the Aermec site. Since then the collaboration between Aermec and Aersa has been consolidated over time thanks to the mutual trust, competence and professionalism demonstrated above all in the difficulties encountered.

Many satisfactions: the award ceremony at the Aermec d’Oro in 2015, more than 450 refrigerators sold over the past 10 years, mainly destined for air-conditioning solutions in wine-making and food & beverage applications.

Aersa also carries out service activities for all the Aermec units installed: a 360 ° C collaboration relationship.

A special thanks to Aersa. With his constant commitment and his professionalism demonstrated in these 10 years he has contributed to the success of this precious collaboration with Aermec.