NSMI: Reliability and efficiency for your industry

The increasing focus towards reduced carbon emissions and operating costs within industrial air conditioning and process cooling translates into a notable commitment to offer the highest energy efficiency levels.

Process Cooling applications typically operate 365 days a year, consequently an increased energy efficiency within the cooling equipment leads to a considerable contribution both to the environment and the balance sheet.
Aermec NSMI chillers, offering hybrid screw inverter drive to perfectly match the exact system needs, achieve elevated ESEER values in a low carbon footprint package with a 30% refrigerant charge reduction thanks also to the implementation of microchannel condensers.

A high priority has been given to absolute reliability and complete versatility, elements of maximum priority within industrial processes. Thanks to a vast choice of configurations, lowest noise levels and a very wide operating range which caters for all system needs, Aermec’s NSMI range ensures high performance and continuous operation within every process cooling application.

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Due to extraordinary maintenance, the Aermec servers will not be reachable on 2 and 3 January 2023.

Therefore, the sites will not be viewable and the selection programs will not be able to update.